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Sorry Young Lady, You Can’t Go To School

Those promoting a higher minimum wage wrap themselves in a cloak of moral superiority, claiming they’re fighting for the poor. Yet they are trapping the poor into poverty. For the very same reason that you wouldn’t say, “Sorry young lady,

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Emotion vs. Reason

One can easily judge how well Socialism has worked at producing wealth—everywhere it’s tried it fails. So why do we keep falling for the same tired rhetoric? It’s because the proponents of Socialism market it as more socially just than

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Why a Job?

Why do people work in a job? Not surprisingly, people have different answers to that simple question. That’s because a job is not only a place to earn an income, but also a place to earn credibility for a better

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Reality Checks & Minimum Wage

Please see this article by the Manufacturing Industrial Council of Seattle (MIC)—Reality Checks & Minimum Wage. It details the recent results of a survey of “a cross section of Seattle industrial firms with more than 1,100 employees engaged in seafood

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February 20th HELP Buycott

We executed another HELP “Buycott” event on Thursday February 20th, 2014. Working Washington had called for a protest at several fast food restaurants and requested their people to boycott all McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King locations in Seattle on that

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The Truth About the Minimum Wage

Please see the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) web site—The Truth About the Minimum Wage. It contains a link to this video:

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Unions and Minimum Wage Laws

Why do unions promote increases in minimum wages? There are numerous articles explaining the reasons; such as the Wall Street Journal, the Mises Institute, and the Heritage Foundation. Also, several of our earlier posts have additional information. However, it’s fair

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Why Market Wage?

Why are we called Market Wage Action Alliance? Our primary focus is the market should dictate wages, not artificial government diktats. Only competitive forces in a free-market can accurately reflect the value of a given skill. Hence, all minimum wage

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Fake Fast Food Strike

The evidence is growing, there was no real strike on August 29th, only a flailing protest by unions trying to become relevant again. How to Fake a Fast Food Strike Fast Food Strike a FAKE!!! 16 out of 17 protestors

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Trapped in Poverty

The fact that minimum wage laws create unemployment has been well-known to economists for decades, but it is akin to political suicide for politicians to publicize that fact, because they risk disfavor by the unions. In fact, for more than

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