February 20th HELP Buycott

We executed another HELP “Buycott” event on Thursday February 20th, 2014. Working Washington had called for a protest at several fast food restaurants and requested their people to boycott all McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King locations in Seattle on that day.

We widely distributed another HELP Flyer and hundreds of our people quietly walked into these restaurants and bought more, not less. Meanwhile, in the streets outside protesters pandered to the press–waving signs and shouting and trying to make everyone believe these were workers demanding higher wages. They were not workers, but union agitators. In fact, they should probably be called performers, since they were mainly putting on a show for the cameras. They don’t even bother calling these “strikes” any longer, because it’s obvious that employees are not involved. The workers were inside serving customers and the restaurant managers reported that daily sales were not really impacted by the boycott.

Sincere thanks to everyone who participated. While this was a success it’s only the beginning. If you’d like to participate in future HELP Buycotts please contact rick.forschler@marketwage.org.

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