Funding to support the Market Wage Action Alliance is similar to a Crowd Funding model. Namely, we will define specific projects, establish deadlines for starting each one, and set threshold amounts needed to begin. If we don’t achieve the threshold amount by the pre-defined deadline, that project will be cancelled and the money returned.

Projects can be created for a variety of purposes, including: public education, producing videos, and campaigns to fight initiatives or legislation in specific localities.

Please select projects from the menu above and help us grow.

  1. For some projects which fail to achieve the threshold amount, the refund may be less by the amount of an administration fee. For example, when (and where) legal provisions require registration of a campaign within a specified period of time following public announcement, the amount returned will be subject to the registration fee and other hard costs.
  2. Deadlines may be extended in monthly increments by a majority agreement of those who have contributed toward a project.