Legal Defense Fund

Special interests and elected officials often promote wage laws that do great harm to people at the bottom of the political and economic spectrum—the forgotten poor—those least able to defend themselves. The Market Wage Legal Defense Fund will pursue avenues to right these wrongs in court. This includes preventing bad laws before they are passed, but also seeking remedies after such laws are already enacted.

What’s more, it’s not always necessary to win cases to achieve positive results. Of course winning is preferred, but the potential for a protracted legal challenge can change priorities and convince mischief-makers that particular actions are not worth the risk. Additionally, the publicity of a legal challenge can alter public perceptions and eventually public policy. Many people are unaware that minimum wage laws result in more unemployment. But win or lose, when a local government is sued over job losses caused by an egregious minimum wage, the public becomes educated quickly.

The The Market Wage Legal Defense Fund is project #2 for the Market Wage Action Alliance. Please help us to create this valuable tool so we can begin soon using it to prosecute worthwhile cases and to change public policy. You can help here.