Sorry Young Lady, You Can’t Go To School

Those promoting a higher minimum wage wrap themselves in a cloak of moral superiority, claiming they’re fighting for the poor. Yet they are trapping the poor into poverty. For the very same reason that you wouldn’t say, “Sorry young lady, you can go to school” we shouldn’t allow them to say “Sorry, you can’t work in an entry-level job.” Such a statement is not the moral high-ground, it’s in the moral gutter.

At a gut level, most people realize there’s something wrong with the logic that every job should be a living wage job. That is simply not true. Jobs are a form of education for better jobs. When we tell someone they can’t work for less than a particular wage, it’s the same as telling them they can’t go to school.

Not all jobs are for earning a living, many are for earning credibility for a better job—earning an education.

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